How to Fix McAfee error ee0f0001?

Fix McAfee error ee0f0001 – McAfee fulfills the protection need of its home as well as business users, with the specifically designed software for each. McAfee Endpoint Encryption offers you the complete security for your multiple systems. You may face some issues while using the McAfee Endpoint Encryption on your system such as McAfee Error ee0f0001 failed to authenticate.

In most cases, this error occurs after you try to reset the password for the user which is not currently logged in. This can lock the computer as this particular user is not logged in while changing the password. Here we are going to discuss the cause and solution to fix McAfee Error ee0f0001.

Fix McAfee error ee0f0001

Common McAfee Endpoint Encryption Errors:

  • McAfee encryption failed to authenticate.
  • McAfee drives encryption error codes.
  • 0xee110001 the recovery response is not valid.
  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption not accepting the password.
  • Error ee110001 the recovery response is not valid
  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption pre-boot authentication

The above errors are very common in the Endpoint encryption and can be caused by the disabled must match username in the SSO configuration. The error may also appear due to enabled synchronize Endpoint Encryption password with Windows. In order to fix McAfee error ee0f0001, you need to ensure that the must match name is enabled.

Steps to Fix McAfee error ee0f0001:

  • First, try to restart the system and then check whether must match username is enabled or not.
  • If not then log in to the ePO console using your username and password.
  • You need to edit the policy now, which already exists or create a new policy under the Endpoint Encryption tab.
  • Now select the Log On policy tab and then enable the Must match username option.
  • You are now required to save the changes by clicking the Save.
  • Now in order to apply the policy changes you need to send an Agent wakeup or wait for the next to take place.

You can try following the above steps to fix McAfee error ee0f0001 or try uninstalling or re-installing the McAfee Endpoint Encryption on your system. If you still face any issue then you can contact McAfee Support or visit us at for the further support.

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