April 17, 2018


mcafee.com/mtp/retailcard – McAfee Total Protection is an award-winning antivirus designed by the McAfee. With the McAfee Total Protection, you get Free Support, Multi-Device Compatibility, Safe Browsing feature and many others. You will be able to protect your folders on your system by encrypting them or using a password. The McAfee Total Protection also offers you the security for your passwords, using the Password Manager. You can secure 1, 3, 5,  10 or an unlimited number of devices using the McAfee Total protection according to your version of the product.



The product can be activated using the McAfee Product key, which can be purchased online or offline. McAfee product key retail card can also be used for the installation and renewal of the McAfee Subscription. Every McAfee product has been assigned a McAfee product key to install on your system. The product must be valid and unique for every product, only then you will be able to install or activate your version of the product.

Steps to redeem and use McAfee product key – mcafee.com/mtp/retailcard:

Redeem McAfee Retail Card:

  • In order to use the McAfee product key for the installation of your McAfee product, you need to register the product key online.
  • Now you need to open your web browser and type mcafee.com/mtp/retailcard in the address bar.
  • Press enter to redirect to the new webpage and then select your language and country if prompted.
  • Now you will be able to see a box to type the product key, scratch the key from the backside of the retail card.
  • Type the valid 25 digit alphanumeric code in the given field and then you need to click Submit.
  • After submitting the key, you will be asked to log in to your McAfee account, if you have entered a valid key.
  • Congrats! Your McAfee Retail Card is redeemed now and you can download your product online.
  • Enter your credentials to log in to your account or create a new one, if you do not have one already.
  • Now click on install and then follow the instructions to complete the installation of your McAfee product.

How to use McAfee Retail Card to Renew McAfee product – mcafee.com/mtp/retailcard:

  • The McAfee Retail card needs to be redeemed in order to renew your McAfee subscription.
  • First, you need to purchase your McAfee Total Protection Retail Card from the retail store or website.
  • Now, visit mcafee.com/activate and sign in to your McAfee account and then select My Account.
  • Click Subscriptions and then you need to select All Expired, to check your expired products list.
  • Now from the list select your product from the list and then click Renew option besides the product.
  • After clicking the renew product you need enter the billing details to purchase the subscription.
  • If you already have the product key then you need to enter your product key in the required field.
  • Click Submit, after entering the product key and then you are good to go.
  • Now you can download and install, your version of the product on your system.

You can follow the above-mentioned steps to redeem your McAfee total protection retail card and install your product. The above-mentioned procedure can also help you to renew your product using your McAfee retail card. In case you need any technical support then you may contact McAfee Support or visit us at mcafee.com/activate for the help.

FAQs – mcafee.com/mtp/retailcard:

  • McAfee setup failed.
  • How to install www.mcafee.com/activate total protection?
  • Error: www.mcafee.com login failed
  • Why does McAfee retail card activation fail?
  • The link www.mcafee.com/mls/retailcard, not working.

Above listed issues are very common, you may face either of the issues while downloading the product or redeeming the product key. In order to resolve the issues, you may try to perform some basic troubleshooting on your own. After the troubleshooting, if you are facing the same issue then feel free to contact McAfee Support. You may also visit us at mcafee.com/activate for the advanced troubleshooting steps and experts help.

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