April 13, 2018


Home.mcafee.com – McAfee offers the most secure environment to the businesses and also provides the security to the cloud services. After acquiring the Skyhigh Networks, McAfee started protecting the Microsoft Azure by extending it cloud security platform. McAfee delivers the complete solutions for the secure infrastructure-as-a-Service and platform-as-a-service. The company assures the businesses that they will now be able to use data science and machine learning. Both of these technologies will automatically detect the threats and accounts with the compromised information.



McAfee products like McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Antivirus, helps user’s system to protect from online threats. You can do surfing, browsing, shopping, and banking online without the risk of losing your personal information. You can visit the link home.mcafee.com or mcafee.com/activate to download and install McAfee product on your system. The installation process of McAfee is very simple and you do not require any professional knowledge.

Unlike other Security tools, McAfee offers you the complete security for the personal data as well as the cloud passwords. The link home.mcafee.com gives you the provision of managing your McAfee account as well as a renewal of your product subscription.

Description of McAfee Home Page – home.mcafee.com:

You can visit the McAfee homepage by using the URL home.mcafee.com. You will see two menu bar on the top right corner of the webpage which includes the options given below:

Top Menu Bar:

  • For Consumer
    • For Business
  • Region
  • My Account
    • Sign In
    • My Account
    • Auto-renewal Settings
    • Update Profile
    • Edit Billing
    • Redeem your Retail Card
  • Cart

Second menu bar:

  • Products
  • Renewals
  • Support
  • Free Trial
  • Buy Now

McAfee Top Menu bar – home.mcafee.com:

For Consumer:

  • For Consumer can be selected, if you are looking for the McAfee product for personal or home use only.
  • For Business – In case you need McAfee product for your business then you need to select For Business from the drop-down menu of For Consumer.


  • The region is the second option in the menu bar which helps you to select the region according to your need.
  • In order to select the region, you need to click on the Region option and then select the desired region from the list.

My Account:

This option can be used in case you want to update your McAfee account or want to create a new account. In the drop-down menu of the My Account, you will see several options which will help you to edit your McAfee profile.

Sign In:

  • First of all, you need to click on the My Account and then from the drop-down menu select Sign in option.
  • Now if you have an account then type your email id and password and then click Login.
  • In case you are the new user and want to register then you need to click on the Register Now.
  • Now in the given fields, you need to type all the required details and then click register.
  • Open your email and then click on the verification link which you have received from the McAfee Team.
  • After the successful verification, you can sign in to your account and download your McAfee software.

My Account:

  • My Account option also redirects you to the sign in page from where you can manage your account.
  • You can also use other options which are available on the Login page to reset the login credentials or unsubscribe from the McAfee list.
  • You can use Forgot Password or Forgot Email Address option, in case you forget your email id or password.
  • If you want to change your email id with the new one then you can select New Email Address.
  • Unsubscribe options can be selected, if you do not wish to receive any notifications related to McAfee product.

Auto-Renewal Settings:

  • Click Auto renewal Settings and then sign in to your account and then click on the Auto-renewal on the My account page.
  • Type your credit/debit card information, click Save and then enroll in the Auto-renewal service.

Update Profile:

  • In case you want to make any changes in your profile information then click on the Update profile.
  • Sign in to your McAfee Account, and then select the profile icon to make the changes.
  • Change the details which you want and then click Save.

Edit Billing:

  • You need to click on the Edit Billing option and then sign in to your account, to modify your billing ind\formations.
  • Now click Billing and delete or update your credit/debit card information and then click Save.

Redeem your Retail Card:

  • If you purchased McAfee product key retail card from the retail store then click on the option redeem your retail card.
  • Now sign in to your account and then type your McAfee product key in the required field.
  • Click Submit and then start downloading your McAfee software.


  • To make the payments for the purchased products you need to click Cart and then follow the instructions.

Second Menu bar:


  • Using this option, you can search and buy the McAfee products according to your requirements.


  • In order to renew your McAfee product, click Renewals and then log in to your McAfee account.
  • If you have already purchased McAfee Product key retail card then select the product from the list and then enter the product key.
  • After entering the product key you need to click Submit.
  • In case you do not purchase the product key then go to Renewal and then make the payments after the renewal of your subscription.


  • If you are facing issues then click on the support options to get the troubleshooting steps.

Free Trial:

  • You can download the Free version of your product on 30 days trial period and then install on your system.

All of the options mentioned in the McAfee home page menu has been described above. If you still need help then feel free to contact McAfee Support or visit us at mcafee.com/activate or home.mcafee.com.